Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Coming Soon!

Hey there!

I've got a new vegan blog coming! I don't get to pack lunches as varied as I used to, so I'm gonna' leave the old Vegan Lunchcast blog as it is, in case anyone ever wants to go back and look through it, and start a NEW blog here, where I can talk about, not just lunches, but EVERYTHING vegan.

I'm sure there will be lunches on here sometimes, but not exclusively. I don't get to spend as much time on lunches now as I used to, so they're not quite as varied as they used to be. I'll post any lunches I think might be noteworthy, but I also want to post about lots of other things like breakfast, dinner, picnics, dining out, meditation, and who knows what else...

While my lunches may not be as exciting as they used to be, I'm still excited about blogging, so I'm gonna' expand my horizons and post about EVERYTHING that gets me excited.

Stay tuned...